Wind Rock Trail
White Rim Trail

Wind Rock - The 72,000 acre "Wind Rock" trail complex is near the city of Oak Ridge in East Tennessee. The photos in this collection were taken along a boulder field that ascends steeply, cresting on the Clinch Mountain Fault. This particular 0.4 mile trail section is called "Rattle Rock," and it is undeniably one of the most challenging trails in this part of the country.

White Rim Road - Utah's White Rim Trail is in Canyonlands National Park, about 25 miles from Moab. It is roughly 90 miles long and requires at least two days to complete. Four wheel drive is obligatory, although there are no truly difficult sections. The trail is entered at the Shafer Switchbacks. Be prepared to feel your heart thumping in your chest as you descend into the canyon along the thread-thin dirt road that clings to the undercut canyon wall. The White Rim Trail offers spectacular views of the Colorado and Green Rivers.

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